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Hummingbird Model Products at Fab Feb 2020

January 22, 2020 1:38 AM | Web Master (Administrator)

Bernard Guest of Hummingbird Model Products will be at Lost Hills for the FabFeb events. If you would like to pre-order goods for pickup at Lost Hill, you can reach him through his web site:



I am going to be flying at the Fab Feb FAI events and will be bringing some product with me that is of interest to AMA and SAM FF guys (mainly balsa strippers, band burner timers, small battery chargers, and electric ff timers). Last year I got some feedback from the AMA guys flying in the Ike Winter Classic events that they would be interested to know ahead of time If I plan to bring products to the contest that would be relevant to their interests. So, this is me reaching out to a California club to let you all know that I will be at the contest and folks who would like to test a band burner timer and/or buy a balsa stripper should drop by. I will be in one of the RVs on RV row (with Tony Matthews and Ladi Horak). If folks want to see the product line they can use the website link below. 


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