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Outdoor Flying Sites

Outdoor flying activities occur at 3 different sites: Waegell Field, Lakeville and Lost Hills.

Waegell Field Site

Waegell Field hosts the Silver & Gold Cup contests, and AMA and FAI contests.  The field is managed by the Friends of Waegell Field.  Annual donations of $50 pays the rent and maintenance for this rare urban field.  The field can handle 3 minute maxes. Please be a friend of Waegell!

Waegell Field is located on Sunrise Blvd near Jackson Hwy in Rancho Cordova, California. (MAP)

Lakeville Site

Lakeville hosts OCD July and August club contests.  This is SAM27's flying site, who graciously gives us access to host our July and August club contests. 

Lakeville is located off of Lakeville Highway near Highway 37 in Petaluma, California. (MAP)

Lost Hills Site

Lost Hills hosts the World Cup, America's Cup and National Cup contests.  The field is rated one of the best free-flight destinations in the world.  The field is managed by the Lost Hills Association.  Annual donations of $20 pays for the property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and portable toilets.  The rural field can handle 10 minute maxes. Click here for information on how to become a member of this world-class field.

Lost Hills is located on Holloway Road off Highway 46, Lost Hills, California. (MAP)

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