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Below is a series of helpful links to:

  • local hobby shops and small manufacturers of free-flight gear;
  • local clubs which many of us belong to;
  • valuable sources of information;
  • national associations; and
  • international associations


Books, a list of recommended books

J & M Hobby House, San Carlos, contest balsa, spruce, tissue, dope, glue, etc

FAI Model Supply, FAI rubber, winders, building supplies, science olympiad

D&J Hobbies, Santa Clara, kits, balsa, paint, glue

Sheldon's Hobbies, tools and supplies, under new management

Volare Products / Shorty's Basement, extensive range of kits and supplies

Diels Engineering, craftsman kits of scale WWII and jet aircraft, parts

Penn Valley Hobby Center, current and reproduction kits and supplies

Easy Built Models, kits, supplies, modeling tips

SAMS Models, kits and materials, in UK

Stevens Aeromodel, kits, supplies, timers (electronic and viscous) 

Den's Model Supplies, supplies, electronic timers, engines, motors, in UK 

Micro Flier Radio, electric FF supplies, electronic timers (FF and E-20)

Retro RC LLC, new home of Campbell's Custom Kits and supplies

The Vintage Model Company, kits and supplies, in UK

Hobby Specialties, FF supplies, timers, hand carved propellers

Ozark Model Aviation, FF scale model kits, accessories

Rockytop Models, FF scale model kits, supplies and accessories

Bob Holman Plans, laser cut FF short kits, many OT and NOS designs available 

Hummingbird Model Products, short kits, tools, plans for the FF sportsman by Bernard Guest

Local Clubs

SAM 21, San Francisco Bay Area Society of Antique Modelers

SAM 27, Northern California Society of Antique Modelers

SGMA, Stockton Gas Model Club

Sierra Eagles

FGMAC, Fresno Gas Model Airplane Club


Free Flight Fantasies, lots of interesting and useful information

Hip Pocket Aeronautics Forum, a rich and active online forum where members from all over the world exchange ideas and stories

Small Flying Arts Forum, another online forum where you can find a good amount of Free Flight and Scale content

National Associations

AMA, our club is Chartered by the AMA.  You must be a member.

National Free Flight Society, this is the premier free-flight club to which all Cloud Dusters belong

SAM - The Society of Antique Modelers, a world wide community dedicated to the building and flying of Antique Model Aeroplanes

International Associations

FAI, this International organization holds us all together.


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