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Charles Hampson Grant Memorial International Mass Launch Of Cloud Tramps - 2019

From the Cloud Tramp Homepage (now hosted on Endlesslift by Gary Hinze):

"We are promoting this event to celebrate the contributions made by Charles Grant to the development of our hobby. We hope that as many people as possible will make a Cloud Tramp and join in the simultaneous launch on Saturday, August 3, 2019. The Launch Time will be 1700 hrs British Summer Time (GMT + 1 hour), so individual participants will have to calculate the appropriate local time at their venue [ New York, 1200 hrs; California, 0900 hrs; Sydney 0400 hrs, etc. ]

This year I suggest loosening the time requirement from international simultaneity to simultaneity within your local time zone. The goal is to remember Charlie Grant’s contributions to aeromodelling and to enjoy flying his most popular design, a design that was intended to introduce modelers to the joy of simple aeromodelling. We fly on the first Saturday in August at 1700 hours local time. If you can manage to fly at the international time, also feel free to do so.

GRANT MIMLOCT 2018 is not a competition and there are no prizes. We hope participants will enjoy the fun of building and flying the Cloud Tramp, as well as taking part in this unique event, which attracted 141 participants from all over the World in 2016, 131 in 2017 and 196 in 2018."

Click here to read more on the Cloud Tramp Homepage...

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